For the Roses

10 Jan

So I have loved this chair since I first saw it and when I recently read an article about how laser cut metal was all that was hip this year it was the first thing that sprung to my mind.  This little number by Italian designer Gianluigi Landoni answers the question of how to take something modern and hard edged and make it romantic.


Does Love Make You Stupid

5 Jan

The Modern Windsor Chaise by West Elm

It finally happened.

I found it, the one I have been waiting for.  All my hoping and dreaming and their it was sitting innocently in the new West Elm catalog:  MY NEW SOFA!


OK, so its more of a chaise and it is not exactly a comfortable and welcoming piece of furniture and I’m not entirely sure about the seat height but I can make adjustments.

I can change.  Really I can. For you anything and I don’t care what anyone else says I know you and I were meant to be together.

We can make this work.


A drinking companion

2 Jan
Ice cubes in a glass of iced tea. Lighting con...

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So the first thing I downloaded onto the new Kindle was a book called “How To Drink” by Victoria Moore.  Overall a pleasant and chatty read, just a bit English in style.  I read it cover to cover and made many grand plans for summer parties winter evenings.  It appealed to the booze hound in me and stirred up that bit of obsseseive cumpulsive disorder I try to keep hidden, which is why last night I found myself remaking all the ice cubes with hot water and wishing for a circle cube tray and an ice pick.

Also I now need new glasses….. Tumbler, Rocks, Highballs something solid and heavy to prevent the warmth of my hand from changing the temperature of my drink.  Maybe something in a cut crystal or a brightly colored Mexican glass suffused with air bubbles. Something to complete my whiskey sour made with fresh lemon and egg whites or just to contain the perfect genius of gin and tonic.

Happy New Years Everyone

31 Dec

remember to designate a drive so you can over indulge in Champagne (or Cava, my personal choice, or Prosecco or good old sparkling wine) which produces the happiest drunk of all.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

29 Dec

or maybe it the opposite.

So my roommate got a new dog, Huxley, he is fifteen months old and is a muttley all black thing with gangley legs and a sweet personality.

He also has a penchant for ripping up my things- tonight it was a pillow and case plus a trash bag and gym shoe.  Did I mention this was the second down pillow I had lost to him, the second pair of shoes too.  It was the first pillow case he’d torn up but before I left for New Mexico he also ate a comforter.

can love survive this level of destruction? would it have been different if the shoes had been an obscenely expensive pair of heels from Zeldas?

One can never tell

Merry Christmas to All

25 Dec

and to all a goodnight.

Half Way There

30 Nov

So when said that i wanted new boots this is not what I meant

but this is what I got

Instanbul from J-41.  A bit clunky and  not the sexy grown up boot that I was looking for.  But somehow they work and with leggings they make my ankles look tiny (an obsession of mine).  Plus they are absurdly comfortable.

And they are vegan, which I find a bit unsettling but I am sure that it is a great selling point for some of you out there.

Of course I am still in trouble if I run into any real weather but at least my ankles will look good while they are freezing.